SubandWin Online Game developed MMT company, which is referred to in this document by (MMT) or (the regulator)


1- Service Numbers in:


2- Service organizer:

MMT Company Lebanon.

3- The name of the service:

Sub and Win

4- Service timeframe:

The service starts on 1/4/2020 and remains active until the regulator declares its end. The regulator of the service reserves the right to terminate or change the service or amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

5- Accept the terms of use:

5.1 All subscribers guarantee that they have read and fully understand these terms and conditions and are available to everyone at   By sending an SMS to the operator's network number or by pressing Subscribe to the site All subscribers acknowledge their full acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions and agree to receive messages via SMS or the Internet or The application on their mobile phones from the regulator.

The regulator reserves the right to cancel or modify the offer and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and in the event. And in any case of dispute over the terms and conditions, the behavior, the results, and all other issues related to the service, the decision of the regulator is final and may not be discussed. This agreement is valid and effective as long as this offer is valid by the regulator without taking into account any temporary suspension for operational reasons, including but not limited to reforms, organized maintenance or update.


6- Game participants in SubandWin :

Eligible to participate: are ordinary people (other than employees by the regulator, or any of the regulator’s partners, during the service period, and also their relatives up to the fourth degree and their spouses from the regulator of the service, or any of the regulator’s partners). If the winner is a minor (i.e. under the age of 18), the guardian must be present on the day the prize is handed over to receive it, provided that he has his identity card and a certificate proving that he is the guardian. Legal entities (for example, subscribers to mobile phone services owned by companies in any of the telecommunications companies participating in this campaign Only persons who are authorized to sign on behalf of legal entities are entitled to receive the prize. The organizer has the right to exclude any participant (whether it is a number MSISDN Or a legal person or entity) If there are good reasons to believe that the participant has violated any of the terms and conditions by participating in the service, the participants guarantee that all the information provided is correct, valid, and complete.

7- Availability and access to information, and withdrawal mechanism:

7.1 All service information is available to subscribers of the service on the website http://www. Information on the number of points (posts)/ Opportunities) provided by subscribers during the service is available to subscribers through the site: http: // www.subandwin Or upon successful login. Each subscriber can leave the service or stop receiving any information about the service by sending a word UNSUB SW in a text message to the network operator number from which you subscribed). The points reset to zero if the subscription is canceled, and at the end of each month. If the subscriber cancels the subscription, it is possible to receive notifications from the service to inform about any new prizes or offers. If the subscriber chooses to re-subscribe and send a new message to the network operator number, he will be considered a subscriber again, in case the service ends, the organizing party will announce the end of service On the official website of the service http: // The regulator has the right during the service period to add or cancel any of the network operator numbers without prior notice. In case of canceling any number or interruption or early termination of service does not relieve the regulator of its commitment to hand over prizes already won by subscribers and implement other required procedures. An exception is made in cases where the interruption or separation is the result of events outside the control of the regulator. The regulator of the service is not entitled to release any personal information related to subscribers to any other party unless it is required to do so by law or to comply with government legislation in the Lebanese Republic. The regulator reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or any other type of contact with the subscribers of the service except in accordance with the terms and conditions or according to the requirements of the Lebanese legal legislation

8- Game subscription laws in SubandWin

To subscribe to the service, the subscriber must send an SMS to the network operator number or complete the subscription process by clicking on Subscribe Now or Play Now on the site: By subscribing to the game, sub and win subscribers will get three (3) daily attempts to play sub and win. Each participant in the service gets three daily attempts for one time only, where he gets a set of daily points and can pass any stage by purchasing points according to each operator and according to each country. For more information, you should visit the site:

9- Prize distribution

Prizes are distributed weekly for those with the highest points, which is a mobile credit, and the person who got the highest points at the end of the month will receive the monthly prize

10- Awards terms:

All prizes are awarded within a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of the winner's announcement. The winner is responsible for paying taxes and customs due to the award under any relevant current legislation. The winners will be contacted by the regulator. The winners must prove in writing that they are the legal owner of the winning number and that they are entitled to win the prize and must complete all the necessary documents provided by the regulator. All winners must present valid identification documents to receive the award. The prize may be received by a representative of the winner in the presence of a written power of attorney from the winner. By subscribing to the service, the winners allow the regulator to use their personal information, including name and last name, pictures and video images for advertising purposes without the prior consent of the winner and without any fees. The organizer will select up to 3 runner-ups. If the first winner refuses the prize or does not attend to receive it, the regulator has the right to call one of the runner-ups to receive the award. If none of the serenity is received to receive the award within 10 days of their notification, the award will be considered the property of the regulator. The organizer reserves the right to cancel any winner at any time in the awarding process in case the required information or evidence is not available to the regulator. The decisions made by the regulator are final and there will be no negotiations. Prizes are not transferable.

11- Limitation of liability:

The regulator does not bear any responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, or failure in the communication line when it is not completely under its control, for example, and not limited to. The regulator reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service whenever needed for operational reasons (eg for repair, for maintenance or upgrade). The regulator undertakes to return the service as soon as possible after any temporary suspension. The regulator advises subscribers to be careful and follow the logic while subscribing to the service at all times.

12- Disclaimers of warranties:

Participants understand and agree that their participation in this competition is at their own risk and decision, and they are not forced to participate in this service in any way. The regulator does not guarantee, nor has it stated or expressed that any part of the service will be without interruption or without errors. The regulator or any of its managers, employees, agents, or suppliers does not accept any liability for any damage, loss, injury, or disappointment suffered by any of the contest participants, or by accepting the prize. The regulator is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any of the network operators or mobile lines, computer systems on the Internet, servers, or computers, software malfunctions of any email or entry received due to a technical malfunction or congestion on the Internet, mobile lines or Any website, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to the participant’s computer, computer, or any other person’s phone as a result of the subscription or downloading any material related to the service. By subscribing to the service, subscribers agree that no claim related to loss or injury (including special, indirect, or consequential losses) will be made by the regulator, parent companies, subsidiaries, managers, employees, or agents from any and all losses, Injuries, rights or procedures of any kind resulting from the acceptance or use of any prize, including without exception, personal injuries, death, and property damage.

13- Data protection and publicity:

Personal data related to audio and video, name, address or any other relevant information will be stored in a deposit system of the regulator as a data control system, and it can be used to share the service, postal advertising, or any other purpose related to the services of the regulator unless otherwise indicated. Participants agree that if they win the prize, their names and part of the mobile numbers they subscribe to will be published for informational purposes only on the service website.http: // www.

14- Governing law:

14.1 In the event of any dispute, the participants can submit their complaints to the organizer, and the case will be considered in accordance with the laws of the city of Beirut, the Lebanese Republic.